I am very excited to announce that I have teamed up with two of my incredibly talented good friends, vocalist/trumpeter Asdru Sierra, and pianist/composer Anthony Marinelli to create an international jazz band called Trio Retro. We aim to deliver memorable, emotional experiences to audiences around the world. The mood is romantic with energetic vocal performances in English, French and Spanish from some of the world’s greatest love songs along with our original compositions.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Asdru is the co-founder of the 3-time Grammy Award-winning multi-cultural, multi-genre band Ozomatli, which for the past 20 years, has symbolized the emerging multicultural nature of Los Angeles. Having toured the globe with his band Ozomatli, Asdru is also composing projects in Film/TV.

Anthony, also from Los Angeles, started his career by playing keyboards on Michael Jackson’s mega-hit Thriller and for renowned artists James Brown, Lionel Richie and Van Halen. Since then he has written music for over 500 commercials and composed over 70 symphonic film scores including Young Guns, Planes Trains and Automobiles and Leaving Las Vegas.

Asdru and Anthony’s first encounter was in 2006 when they collaborated on a remix album with trumpet and music label legend Herb Alpert. Since then, these two composers and songwriters have collaborated on feature films, commercials, and song-writing as well as performing as a duo.

I met Asdru in 2008 while working on my first album with legendary songwriter and guitarist Dave Stewart from Eurythmics. Songwriting together led to various other musical collaborations including meeting and working with Anthony in 2011.

This is a project I have always wanted to do as this music is very dear to my heart since I not only grew up listening to it but I actually learned how to sing by practicing these songs over and over again and learning the vocal inflections, dynamics and vibrato. The classic songs were performed like in the good old days where musicians were all in one studio room together and they would record until it was perfect. You will hear the room sound which gives it that extra magic. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as we have all enjoyed the process of recreating these timeless classics. Here is our version of “Somos Novios (It’s Impossible)” sung in Spanish and English. If you enjoy it don’t forget to like and subscribe on youtube.

Much love,