I’m excited to share Trio Retro’s latest lyric music video. This video was filmed live as we were recording in Anthony Marinelli’s recording studio in Los Angeles. The sounds you hear in our cover songs are quite different from typical recorded songs in today’s day and age and the reason is that we decided to record like they did in the old days where musicians had to look at each other and magically find the right places to sing and play their instruments in.  You can hear the actual room sound which gives another layer of depth. Back in the old days, artists had to record various takes until the magic you can feel as you listen to the song is captured.  All three of us had to look at each other and feel our way into the song together.  It’s quite magical when you think about it as we are basically sending each other messages telepathically so the song turns out cohesive no matter what vocal inflections or different notes we add as we jam out to these classic jazz tunes.  Music truly is the universal language! Working together in this way allowed us to capture magic moments and we hope you will feel them as you listen to our songs.