Hello beautiful friends! Happy November! I want to share the latest Trio Retro video for French song “Ne Me Quitte Pas” which was filmed in the beautiful parks of Canada this autumn. Ever since I was young, I have always loved this song . The lyrics are so poetically emotional and heart wrenching.  It’s about someone who is pleading for his lover to stay and that he/she would be willing to do and create pretty much anything for them to stay. The final lyrics always get to me as it shows  the severe desolation the person feels that they would be willing to become a shadow of their love and lastly even the shadow of their loved one’s dog just to be in their presence.

Let me become (Laisse-moi devenir)

The shadow of your shadow (L’ombre de ton ombre) 

The shadow of your hand  (L’ombre de ta main)

The shadow of your dog (L’ombre de ton chien)

Do not leave me (Ne me quitte pas)

WARNING: Do not listen to this song if you are sad, unless you are ready and willing to release that sadness and cry it all out.