Hi Sweet Souls!

I’m excited to tell you that I just released a new single called “I Got You” which is a love song duet with Jay Prem from Thailands Got Talent TV show and produced by John Koudounis.  You can hear it on iTunes and all major online stores.  

Click here to go directly to iTunes:  IGOTYOU

I met Jay while I was being filmed for TV show “Celebrity Edition of The Apartment” in Phuket, Thailand.  Jay was part of the production team and he brought his guitar in on the day we were shooting the 3rd episode -the living room. He started playing some chords and I said I hear a song on that so as I was washing my paint brushes we had someone film the super quick impromptu songwriting session and you can hear it here: I Got You Behind The Scenes

From that session we got the main melody and the lyric “I Got You” and when I got home to Berlin I started working on lyrics. The song started in Thailand, continued in Berlin and then the music production was sent to John in Australia!

The lyric and music video will be coming soon so stay tuned and thank you for your love and support!


Cover for single "I Got You"

Cover for single “I Got You”