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Musicife Interview

Brazilian Magazine – Revista Lado A

Check out the latest write up featuring my new song “We Love Who We Love” in Brazilian Magazine and website Lado A: LadoA

New Interview with Eile Magazine

Check out my interview in the latest EILE Magazine where I talk about my new single “We Love Who We Love”

1Cover of Eile Magazine Page 6&7 Eile Magazine

NEW Lyric Video for We Love Who We Love






Dear Sweet Souls,

I have just released a new lyric video for my song “We Love Who We Love” I truly hope you will enjoy it and if so share it with all your friends.

To view the video click here: We Love Who We Love Lyric Video

Love is thicker than blood

We Love Who We Love We Love Who We Love We are who we are Love!!!

Radio interview with Facets of the Heart

TONIGHT on Facets Of The Heart -I will be talking about my latest single “We Love Who We Love” and my upcoming projects.  Tune in at 7pm PST… 10pm EST… 3am UT…

Facets of the Heart

We Love Who We Love -new single out today!

Dear Beautiful Souls,

I just released a new single today on itunes called “We Love Who We Love”

The song is about a true tragic story of a young Christian boy named Ryan who was unaccepted because he was gay.  Sadly, he turned to drugs and eventually died of an overdose…its a heartbreaking story but the message of this song is that we must love each other unconditionally…true love is acceptance and holds no conditions or judgements.

To read more about Ryan’s story view this article:

I hope you enjoy the song and share the message of love with your friends.

Love One Another for we are all ONE.


New interview with Advocate

Hello! Hola! To check out the latest interview I did with Advocate click here:


Cindy is in the latest Colombian Magazine “Estilo de Vida” Cindy está en la última revista colombiana “Estilo de vida”

Check out the article on Cindy in the 3rd Edition of Colombian Magazine “Estilo de Vida” page 198 & 199 

To view on the web click here: Estilo De Vida

Para ver el artículo sobre Cindy en la 3ª edición de la revista colombiana “Estilo de Vida” página 198 y 199 

haga clic aquí: Estilo De Vida



Check out the latest interview I did with VELVET MAGAZINE in Dubai


Radio Interviews

No se pierdan hoy a la 1 de la tarde en MIAMI voy a estar en con Martín Ramírez.

Today at 1pm in Miami I will be on with Martín Ramírez be sure to check it out!